The one question that people always want the answer to is "will the weather prevent my Tandem Skydive from taking place"?Unfortunately predicting the weather is not an exact science and although we are parachuting experts we are only weather watchers. 

We do ask you to attend regardless of the weather if you have booked for a Tandem  Skydive and it is your first visit to the centre.   

Weather can vary from morning to afternoon and even from hour to hour.  

If we feel the situation is completely hopeless we will contact you the day before, or on the day if you are an afternoon arrival and give you options.  If we do not contact you then we are expecting you at your arrival time.

Skydiving Weather Requirements

  • The wind must be less than 20kts (24mph)
  • Cloud must not restrict our view of the landing area from the aircraft
  • Visibility must be at least 5km
  • Useful links are 
  • although these are only a guide.