17th May

We are open and operational.    If anything changes, like we go into another lockdown, we will email you if you are booked on a date with us.  If you have a voucher it is up to you to contact by the expiry.

We still have our covid procedures in place which means mask wearing in  the aircraft.  Everything else is outside.  We operated successfully for 4 months last year with these procedures.   You will be emailed instructions a couple of weeks prior to your attendance at the centre.

All existing bookings and vouchers have expiry dates .  If you have a voucher the expiry date is on it and you need to contact us by the expiry.  If you have an existing booking which was postponed due to weather or covid  you must book another date within six months.

Please email the office jump@headcorn.com to book or rebook or for advice. 

Please note that although we have extended expiry dates, your jump will expire if you do not contact us and stay in touch.  Additional costs may already have been incurred.  

Solo students and licenced skydivers please check the solo jumpers page.