Skydive (Headcorn) Ltd Terms & Conditions


Once a booking has been made the following terms will apply: - All monies paid to confirm a booking (including vouchers) will be lost in the event of complete cancellation or a change of date without 48 hours notice and balance of payment, if applicable, will still be due.  These charges apply for absolutely any reason including non-attendance or changes due  to injury or illness. A £50 per person fee is applicable for a change of date with less than  two weeks but  more than 48 hours notice.

If you choose not to go through with your training or jump for any reason no monies paid will be returned or transferred to any one else or any other type of jump. A refund will be made for a cancellation within seven days of purchase.

All deferred payments will be held for a maximum of six months. If a date is not booked in that time then the money will be deemed used.  At our discretion this period may be extended for a further six months on payment of a £50 fee.

In the unlikely event of an aircraft or the club facilities not being available, we will transfer your jump to another day at no extra charge.

Gift Vouchers

All gift vouchers are non-refundable (unless cancelled within seven working days) and must be redeemed within their validity period of six months. After this time they will be deemed to have been used.  The booked date must be within the validity period or up to a maximum of 3 months after. 

In exceptional and unforeseen circumstances gift vouchers may be subject to a small surcharge when used within their validity period.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the recipient complies with our restrictions and refunds will not be given if the recipient subsequently does not meet the restrictions.  Examples of this are becoming pregnant, exceeding the weight limit or moving away.
Gift vouchers have no monetary value and can only be used to book Skydives.  Prior to redemption they are transferable.


If weather prevents your Tandem Skydive from taking place on your booked date, you must return and make your jump within six months. After this time you  will incur additional costs and after one year the full fee will be  applicable.
If you have taken advantage of the discounted weekday  price and book to return at a weekend or on a bank holiday, the full fee  is applicable.

If weather prevents your AFF or Static Line jump from taking place,  you must return within three months to make your jump. After this      time you will incur additional costs, and after six months the full fee will be  applicable.

Weight Restrictions

For safety reasons our weight limit fully clothed is 86kg (13½ stone) and your weight should be in proportion to your height.   However, if you are 1.70m (5' 7") in height or greater our absolute limit is 92kg (14½ stone).  You may be weighed during registration.  We reserve the right to refuse your jump if you exceed these limits.​

The cancellation charges set out in the booking terms   above will apply to anyone exceeding these limits on the day of the  training or jump.

Health Restrictions

All participants for a Tandem Skydive must be able to sign BPA form 115A Tandem Student Medical Information and Declaration.  If they are unable to do this they may still be able to jump by seeking qualified medical advice and certification using BPA form 115B.

Everyone making an AFF or Static line jump must be able to either sign the  Declaration of fitness form 'Solo' Student Parachutist Declaration of Fitness to Parachute on the day of training or produce one signed and stamped by their GP if they suffer from one of the stated medical conditions or they are age 40 to 54.

Failure to sign or produce the correct from on the day means the cancellation charges set out in the booking terms above will apply.

Age Restrictions
  • The upper age limit for the Accelerated Free Fall and Static Line courses is 54 years of age.
  • There is no upper age limit for Tandem Skydives
  • The lower age limit for all types of jumping is 16.
  • Anyone aged 16 or 17 must have the correct Declaration of Fitness form witnessed by a parent or guardian and also a BPA Form 106 signed by their parent or guardian.

General Exclusions

For tandem jumping you must be able to walk unaided, climb a short ladder and lift your knees to hip level when suspended in a  harness.
For solo jumping you must have a good level of mental  and physical fitness
Jumps may be refused to anyone, either  temporarily or permanently, that we do not consider fit or suitable for parachuting.
No alcohol may be consumed prior to parachuting or at the centre   until all jumping has finished for the day.

Rules And Regulations
  • All parachuting and Skydiving at Headcorn Airfield takes place under the auspices of Skydive  Headcorn who are affiliated to the British Parachute Association.
  • All aircraft used for parachuting and skydiving at Headcorn are operated by Headcorn Parachute  Club Ltd
  • All participants agree to abide by the rules of Skydive Headcorn, the British Parachute Association and Headcorn Airfield.