The Skydive Price includes, but is not limited to, the booking fee, the use of Instructors, Equipment, Packers, Riggers, Office Staff, Jumpmasters, Bus Drivers,  Booking Services and Ground staff.   It also includes a fee of £22.42 payable to British Skydiving for provisional membership.  This is a mandatory requirement for anyone making their first jump made in the UK.
The Flight Ticket Has To Be Purchased Separately From Headcorn Parachute Club Ltd. Click Here To Purchase 

Please Download Our Tandem Information Pack

A Tandem Skydive is an amazing experience which allows you to jump out of a plane securely attached to a very experienced Skydiving Instructor.

After a training session lasting about 20 minutes the jump is made from c.12, 000 feet and includes a freefall of 30-40 seconds before your instructor opens your parachute.  You will be given an opportunity to steer however the instructor remains in control at all times.  


Please refer to our terms and conditions before booking.

When using our online bookings facility you will be asked to specify a date for your skydive. This date is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email with all the details for the day of your jump.  (you will also receive a separate receipt for your payment).  We try and accommodate your preferred date but if it is not available we will email alternatives and wait for a reply before confirming. 

Payment Options

We require a £100 non-refundable booking fee (per person)  to confirm a date. Remaining balances are payable on the morning of the jump during registration.

We accept the following types of payment:

  • Debit Cards 
  • Credit Cards Visa and Mastercard only.


The BS membership includes third party insurance.   Personal accident insurance is not included and it is up to you to arrange this yourself if required.​


The centre is open 6 days a week from April to October and 3 days a week in November, December and March.  We close from just before Christmas until early March whilst our aircraft has maintenance. 

The training and jump are completed in one day weather permitting.  

Skydiving goes on all day (weather permitting) and customers should be prepared to spend at least four-six hours at the centre.  Please note  we book up to 12 people into each check in time. 

Check in times: -
Weekends and Public Holidays

8.30 am to jump sometime before 12.30 pm   

11 am  to jump sometime before 4.00 pm

1 pm (Summer time only) to jump sometime before 7 pm  

10 am to jump sometime before 2 pm

1pm to jump sometime before 7pm

1 pm. (Summer time only) to jump sometime before 7 pm

You can request any of the check in times but we cannot guarantee they will be available and if not we will offer you the another.​ 
Please check your confirmation email for your check in time.


For safety reasons our general weight limit fully clothed is 86kg (13½ stone). However, this limit is proportional to height.
A lower weight limit of 80kg (12st 9lbs) applies to someone who is 1.57m (5’ 2”) or shorter. 
However, if you are 1.72m (5' 7") or taller; our absolute limit is 92kg (14½ stone).  
You may be weighed during registration.  We reserve the right to refuse your jump if you exceed these limits.
Please refer to the table below for suggested maximum height to weight ratios.  If you exceed the limits in the table below but are under the limits published above we will still accept you, but you are accepting a greater risk of injury.  BS form 115A refers.

Height Feet/inches     Height Metres     Weight Stones/pounds     Weight Kilograms
          4’ 10”                                  1.47                            9.5                                                  60.32
          4’ 11”                                  1.49                            9.9                                                  62.86
          5’ 0”                                     1.52                            10                                                   63.50
          5’ 1”                                     1.55                            10.5                                               66.67
          5’ 2”                                     1.57                            10.10                                            68.03
          5’ 3”                                     1.60                            11.1                                               70.30
          5’ 4”                                     1.62                            11.6                                               72.57
          5’ 5”                                     1.65                            11.11                                            74.84
          5’ 6”                                     1.67                            12.2                                               77.11
          5’ 7”                                     1.70                            12.7                                               79.37
          5’ 8”                                     1.72                            12.12                                            81.64
          5’ 9”                                     1.75                            13.3                                               83.91
          5’ 10”                                  1.77                            13.9                                               86.63
          5’ 11”                                  1.80                            14.1                                               88.90
          6’ 0” plus                           1.83                            14.7                                               92.07

We have weight limits for safety and for several reasons.
Firstly, we have an all up weight for the parachutes we use which includes the weight of the instructor, the student and harnesses.

Secondly if the ‘student’ (that is you) is significantly bigger than the ‘expert’ (your instructor) it may be possible for the ‘student’ to take control of the jump which would be unsafe.

Thirdly the heavier someone is the physically harder it is for the instructor.

Fourthly we must consider weight and centre of gravity issues in the aircraft.  We work on an average exit weight (that is you, your clothes and the weight of the equipment) and large variations from this can unbalance the aircraft.

Lastly, someone who exceeds the weight limit for the shorter category, may sink down in the harness and find they are unable to lift their legs for landing.  If you are concerned that you are outside our weight limits and that we may refuse you the jump; you are welcome to come to the centre in advance so that we may carry out a risk assessment with you.   This does not guarantee we will let you jump but will save you disappointment on the day.

You must be able to walk to the aircraft, climb a ladder into it and lift your legs straight out in front of you when suspended in a harness. 

Everyone must sign BS form 115ATandem Student Parachutist Medical Information and Declaration.  If you are unable to sign this you may still be able to make a Tandem Skydive by seeking qualified medical advice and certification using BS form 115B.

You must be at least 16 years of age. Under 18s require Parental/Guardian Consent.
There is no upper age limit for tandems.

Videos & Photography

For an additional fee of £150, you can have your jump filmed in High Definition by one of our professional skydiving photographers.  You will be emailed an edited video all the raw footage and about  30/50 digital photographs.  You will be asked if you require this service on the day of your jump.  BS regulations do not allow you to wear or take your own camera.


Please note we can only jump in the following suitable weather conditions:

  • The wind must be less than 20kts (24mph)
  • Cloud must not restrict our view of the landing area from the aircraft
  • Visibility must be at least 5km

If the weather does not allow the jump to take place on your booked day, we ask that you return as soon as possible, and within six months, to make your jump.  After that time your jump will be subject to additional fees.


Please wear something comfortable and appropriate for the time of year. Training shoes are the best footwear. A jumpsuit and goggles will be provided.  Please bring you own gloves if you wish to wear them and something to tie your hair up with if it is long.


The airfield is open to the public but facilities are limited.  There is a small cafe on site and toilets including a disabled one.  You will need to purchase a car park token for £3. The parachute landing area and the centres buildings are off limits to the public.  Please bear in mind that there can be a lot of waiting around and no indoor seating is provided.  We cannot give you permission you bring your dog.

Alcohol And Drugs

The consumption of alcohol is prohibited prior to jumping and alcohol may not be consumed on the airfield until skydiving has finished for the day.  Anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused their jump and will forfeit any monies paid.


The sport is governed by very strict rules and regulations laid down by British Skydiving (BS)


Please visit our Charity Skydiving page for information regarding sponsored skydiving.


(not including public holidays)

Total cost   £255 per person

Skydive £160 + Flight ticket £95 = £255

Skydive  pay £160 on this page see right

Flight Ticket  pay £95  from this link
or pay £100 to book now and  £60 (skydive) + £95 (flight ticket) on the day of the jump.

Availability in 2023  

11th 12th 13th 17th 18th 19th 20th​ ​24th 25th 26th 27th October 3rd November

(Please note public holidays count as weekends)

If you want to book using a voucher please email your requested date and voucher number to jump@headcorn.com

Experience the thrill of skydiving from 12,000ft while attached to a highly qualified instructor. Tandem Skydiving is suitable for those who wish to try skydiving without the time constraints of a training course.

Confirm and pay with Barclays secure e-payments. (Debit/Credit cards) or Paypal

To buy a Gift Voucher without booking a date please CLICK HERE 

Scroll down for "Everything you need to know" 


(and Public Holidays)

Total cost  £275 per person

Skydive £180 + Flight ticket £95 = £275

Skydive pay £180 on this page see right 

Flight Ticket pay £95  from this link

or pay £100 to book now and  £80 (skydive) + £95 (flight ticket) on the day of the jump.​​

Availability in 2023​​

 5th 11th 12th 18th 19th 25th 26th November

If you want to book using a voucher please email your requested date and voucher number to jump@headcorn.com


The Skydive is provided by Skydive (Headcorn) Ltd and your £95 flight ticket must be purchased separately from the operators of the aircraft, Headcorn Parachute Club Ltd.  Click Here after purchasing the Skydive to purchase your flight ticket..