We are open and  will continue to operate a booking system for everyone for the time being.  Please do not come to the centre unless you have booked and paid for jumps in advance.  We are only accepting people who have jumped here before and this will continue until all lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

To book dates you need to have signed your club membership document  This document includes the self medical declaration.  If you cannot self declare and have a current medical signed by your doctor then please email a copy of your medical to the office and we will send you a club membership document without the self declaration.

No booking will be confirmed  until at least 10 people have booked. We will carry out revision training on the day for those of you requiring this.

To book a date please email jump@headcorn.com  Please read terms below before booking

Please pay your club membership, kit hire and buy your flight tickets here.

Buy flight tickets

Terms of booking for licenced skydivers.

We are flying dedicated lifts so there needs to be enough club jumpers to make the economics work.  there are no mixed loads. (ie tandems are on separate lifts)

We are flying 10 jumpers per lift  which represents 2/3 of a load so flight tickets are currently £28 for any altitude.  We will book you in in multiples of 10 and guarantee you, weather permitting,  at least 3 jumps.  We cannot, at this time, accept anyone unless they want to do at least 3 jumps.  

As you will be committing yourself to 3 jumps @ £28 each you must have £84 in your account.  If the aircraft goes up 3 times you will be charged for all 3 jumps whether you are in the aircraft or not.  If the weather does not allow the 2nd or 3rd flight to take place you will not be charged for them.

There may be the opportunity for more jumps on the day.

If we don't get enough people sign up we will let you know the day before.

If you cancel after booking you risk losing your flight tickets

You will need to read this document before attending. Covid SOPS

You need to be able to answer no to these questions.  Entry Questionaire

On your booked day please wait at the Tandem Meeting Point to have your Temp checked before entering.

Solo Students skydivers (AFF and Category system) need to contact us via email jump@headcorn.com to arrange a retraining session and book jumps.


Solo Jumpers