Headcorn Parachute Club Ltd Terms & Conditions
Headcorn Parachute Club provide aircraft and pilots to transport Skydive Headcorn                            skydivers to altitude.

Flight Tickets

 Flight tickets for the purposes of passenger transport taking skydivers to altitude when              skydiving from our aircraft are zero rated for VAT.
 If you choose not to go through with your jump for any reason no monies paid will be                          returned or transferred to any one else or any other type of jump.
A refund will be made for a cancellation within seven days of purchase.
All deferred payments will be held for a maximum of six months. If the flight is not booked                in that time, then the money will be deemed used.

If due to unforeseen circumstances an aircraft is not available, we will transfer your flight to another day within six months at no extra charge.

Gift Vouchers
 All gift vouchers are non-refundable (unless cancelled within seven working days) and must           be redeemed within their validity period of six months. After this time, they are no longer               valid.
 In exceptional and unforeseen circumstances gift vouchers may be subject to a small                           surcharge when used within their validity period.

 If weather prevents your tandem flight from taking place on your booked date, it will be held        open for six months. After this time, you need to purchase a new flight ticket.
If weather prevents your AFF or Static Line flight from taking place, it will be held open for              six months.  After this time, you will need to purchase a new flight ticket.

General Exclusions
Anyone under the influence of alcohol will be refused boarding and will forfeit their flight                ticket.

Rules and Regulations
All parachuting and Skydiving at Headcorn Airfield takes place under the auspices of Skydive Headcorn who are affiliated to the British Parachute Association.
All aircraft used for parachuting and skydiving at Headcorn are operated by Headcorn Parachute Club Ltd
All participants agree to abide by the rules of Skydive Headcorn, the British Parachute Association and Headcorn Airfield.