B Licence+ Flight Ticket £27
B Licence+ Skydiver B Block of 10 £260
A Licence Flight Ticket £29
A Licence Skydiver A Block of 10 £280

Licenced Skydiver Flight Only Tickets:


Training Skydiver Flight Only Tickets:

​Camera Flight Only Tickets:

Camera £50

We Operate A Flight Ticket System - Your Flight Ticket Is Also Your Boarding Pass.
Flights Tickets for the purposes of passenger transport taking parachutists to altitude when skydiving from our aircraft are Zero Rated for Vat. Vat Registration No. 303 8296 65.
Confirm and pay with HSBC secure e-payments. (Debit/Credit cards)
Flight only passenger transport is provided by Headcorn Parachute Club Limited Registered in England and Wales as Company No. 01409083
Flight Gift Vouchers can be purchased using this link​​

Tandem £95
AFF Level 1 to 3 £135
AFF Level 4 to 7 £90
Solo Freefall £45
Static Line £50