June 28th 2020

We have a six stage return to jumping plan, however we are still following government directives .

With the social distance being reduced to 1 metre + we will be ready to move into phase one on the 4th July.  This will give us a chance to check out the booking procedures and all the protocols at the airfield with the staff.  Assuming this is successful we will move to phase two shortly after and so on. 

We will update this page  after the 4th July to let you know how we are getting on.

Here is our planned six stages

1.  Staff retraining.  All our instructors will be required to carry out some refresher jumping prior to them carrying out instructional duties.

2.  Jumping programme for licenced skydivers with their own equipment please see solo jumpers page

3.  Jumping programme for licenced skydivers hiring our equipment.

4. Refresher training, ground training for returning students.

5.  Jumping programme for student skydivers.

6.  Jumping programme for Tandem skydivers

When we reopen please be aware of the following.

Advance bookings will be mandatory for everyone including licenced skydivers and solo students so that we can limit the amount of people at the airfield at any one time.  You will be turned away if you have not pre-booked.  We will let you know when and how to book in due course.

Everyonemust check in at the Tandem Meeting Point on arrival and will have a temperature check.  Please do not travel to the airfield if you are displaying symptoms of any infection.  You will sent home if your temperature is above 37.8C.  You must wash your hands on arrival and use the sanitisers regularly.  Tandem students may bring one spectator with them who will also need to check in.  Club members and solo students please do not bring anyone with you.

We will aim to have you waiting for as little time as possible and whilst waiting please remain outside..  You may enter the cafeteria to purchase food and drink but please eat it outside at the tables provided.

Everyone will be required to wash their hands before kitting up.  Centre jumpsuits and googles will be worn once and then washed.  Harnesses, hats and gloves will be sanitised after use.  Masks will be provided for wearing in the aircraft.

Initially we cannot fill the aircraft and therefore licenced skydivers can expect a flight ticket increase in the short term.