Flights are scheduled, and we operate our turbine aircraft to 12,000ft on a four lift cycle every 30 minutes from 09.00hrs Weekends and Bank Holidays , from 10:00hrs Wednesdays to Fridays, and from 13:00hrs Mondays and Tuesdays (in summer time only) subject to weather and operational issues.

We occasionally use our our piston aircraft which fly on the same schedule to 10,000ft every 40 minutes.

Cessna Caravan - G-GOHI       Normal jump altitude: 12,000ft 
Lift time: 20 Mins assuming no London holds                Jumper capacity: 14

Britten Norman Islander G-AXUB        Normal jump altitude: 10,000ft
Lift time: 30 Mins assuming no London holds            Jumper capacity: 9